Nissi Agency is a data driven organization improving the way students learn and sculpt their careers, using cutting edge technology. We make products for institutions and students that help solve their everyday problems as well as unleash their full learning potential.

Since 2011, we’ve transformed the lives of over 25,000 students working with our 20 partner schools. Our products are designed using rigorously tested, result centric principles and have been praised by both institution heads and parents alike.

Our goal is to guide students throughout their entire educational journey, right from school into a promising career, helping them reach their full potential. We aim to achieve this by constantly improving our products from the feedback we receive, from experienced educators and customizing to meet the educators vision in every way possible.

Our Products


SEALTABS is an Information Management System (IMS) for Educational Institutions. It’s a one stop solution for every administrative and educational need of an institution right from the admission process to exams. With SEALTABS you can keep a tab on every metric that’s important to you and your institution, while quickly and efficiently solving administrative challenges.

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Silverleaf is a platform that provides students in higher classes, clear career profiling, training and placement opportunities. This involves collecting the student’s data, tracking their progress with regular one-on-ones and even organising workshops and seminars for concerns the students might have raised, thus helping them reach their full potential.

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Campusedin is a forum for students to share ideas, receive mentoring and interact with people of similar mindset. This empowers students to be curious, become leaders and pursue their interests. It helps them form groups and clubs to achieve or complete a project and provides them access to mentors who can guide them in their pursuit for excellence

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The primary objective of Silverleaf is to provide students clear and accurate career profiling, the training to nurture their potential and provide placement opportunities to give them an entryway into the corporate world.


Is the perfect tool to let a student’s curiosity fly while building the ever necessary skill of taking initiative. With the added component of mentors, CampusedIn is the perfect platform for student’s to turn into well rounded future ready individuals.

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